A Variety of


Molding Solutions

EMP has all of the necessary auxiliary equipment required to efficiently mold parts such as desiccant drying hoppers, mold temperature controllers, part conveyors, and robotic sprue pickers. EMP is currently equipped to run standard parting line, three plate, hot runner, and insulated runner molds.
Drying Hoppers
Drying hoppers for efficient material preparation
mold temperature controllers
Precise mold temperature controllers for optimal production
part conveyors
Conveyor system for smooth part transportation
robotic sprue pickers
Tool room equipped for precision mold maintenance
Tool Room

Secondary Operations

We offer secondary assemblies such as ultrasonic welding, gasketing, hot stamping, imprinting, and packaging. We have a fully equipped tool room with highly qualified experts who have years of experience dedicated to optimizing and maintaining tools to reduce costly mold issues.
Ultrasonic welding machine for secure part assembly
ultrasonic welding
part assembly
Hot stamping process for durable part marking and customization
hot stamping
Imprinting machine for customized part labeling
Efficient packaging solutions for finished products

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