Our Process

Here at Elgin Molded Plastics, we strive to be the best. We have been industry leaders in the injection molding business since 1949. We are an original equipment manufacturer focused on molding solutions. Our facility has presses ranging from 85 tons to 760 tons, equipped with wide platens and robots. We currently operate two molding facilities, Elgin Molded Plastics operating out of Elgin, Illinois, and EMP of Franklin operating out of Franklin, Wisconsin.

We have another division Empco-Lite that specializes in construction lighting along with other industries such as marine lighting, airport lighting, and railroad lighting. Empco-Lite has been an industry leader since the 1960s and is constantly improving its product line to suit its customer's needs.


We have another division AKT Reflectors that specializes in reflectors and guardrail delineators. AKT has been supplying construction companies, departments of transportation, and any other highway safety companies looking for highway safety solutions.

For all your injection molding needs choose Elgin Molded Plastics.