Elgin Molded Plastics has grown from three employees in a small garage-like 750 square feet structure to 50 employees with three facilities totally 85,000 square feet.  In March, 1998, EMP completed construction of a 20,000 square feet, state-of-the-art facility in Franklin, WI increasing molding capacity by 30%.

Elgin Facility

Elgin Plant

Elgin Molded Plastics, in Elgin, IL, has 19 injection molding presses ranging from 85 ton to 500 ton.  Many have expanded platens and fixed with robots.

Franklin Facility

Franklin Plant

EMP of Franklin, in Franklin, WI, has 6 injection molding presses ranging from 250 ton to 760 ton.  Everyone machine is equipted with robots and many with expanded platens.

Each facility can run standard parting line, three plate, hot runner or insulated runner molds.

EMP has a complete array of auxiliary equipment including dessicant drying hoppers, mold temperature controllers, part conveyors and robotic sprue pickers.

Ultrasonic welding and assembly operations can be performed at the press reducing costly secondary operations.

South Elgin Facility

South Elgin Plant

Our South Elgin, IL facility is dedicated to the proprietary line of portable warning lights known as Empco-Lite.  Check out our web at www.empco-lite.com.